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The PPR+ Experience

The professionals at PPR+ have experience that ranges across all categories of business. Our staff include published journalists and authors, with unique insight into story crafting and placement. Our expansive knowledge means you can come to us no matter who you are or what you do. This partial listing of our past clients demonstrates our expansive range of services and expertise we have provided.

Public relations is an art. A deep understanding of the workings of all forms of traditional and social media underlies PPR+ efforts for our clients. We have wide-ranging experience with start-ups; established businesses; not-for-profit organizations; professional firms (law and medicine); cause-related marketing campaigns; and Fortune 50 companies. By generating and managing positive messaging, PPR+ enhances and protects our clients’ reputations.

Business analysis is a science. We analyze the internal workings of an organization, provide concrete proofs of our findings, and make suggestions for improvements and increased efficiencies. Our reports provide our clients with opportunities to improve returns on investments, minimize risks, improve profit and reduce loss. PPR+ solves business problems, tries to prevent them from happening, and provides solutions to any problems we uncover.

Preston P|R Plus is a unique union of public relations and modern business analytics. Using both disciplines, PPR+ strengthens our clients’ position in the media, and elevates their standing in the marketplace. Our combination results in a highly effective and efficient approach that amplifies all aspects of our clients’ public profiles and increases their business success.